Kate Crowley

Kate Crowley

Student, former Runner

Kate used to be fearless. She just wanted to have fun, leaping across rooftops as a Runner and sneaking out with her best friend Landon.

That was before the encounter with the Geistlords that left her scarred and cursed – and put another student in a coma.  Now, she’s a social outcast, struggling with a curse that restricts her actions and messes with her perceptions, harassed by the Geistlords at every turn.  She’s lonely. She’s haunted by guilt. And worst of all, she’s afraid.

But the Geistlords messed with the wrong person. Kate’s going to get her life back. And the Geistlords are going to learn the meaning of fear.

Landon Pak

Student, Guard, Kate’s former best friend

The son of two important Progressive politicians, Landon works hard to live up to his family. He’s student council president, he’s one of the best Guards in school, he’d be captain of the football team if Brantswaith had one.

Hanging out with freewheeling Kate used to be his favourite time to kick back and cut loose. But with his little sister in a coma and Kate partly to blame, he wants nothing to do with her anymore. All he wants now is revenge on the real culprits behind the attack, the Geistlords.

Dr. Hamka

Dr. Hamka

Geist Trauma specialist at Pelham Memorial Hospital

Dr. Hamka has spent the last 15 years at Pelham Memorial, working her way  from the emergency room to head of the department of Geist Trauma.  Since Pelham is the hospital affiliated with (and just across the river from) Brantswaith Technical Academy, she’s had plenty of experience with student antics and is more then a match for Kate. Still, she does have a bit of a soft spot for her frequent patient.

The Geistlords

The Geistlords – (from left to right) Vincent, Aaron, Elise, Quinn, Nat


Many students support the Geistlord Party and a good few are even members of the Young Geistlords League, but when people at Brantswaith talk about “the Geistlords,” they mean these guys. Lead by the charismatic Nat, the Geistlords are popular and influential.  They’re rumoured to have unheard-of powers over Geists and don’t take kindly to being crossed. Add to that support from actual, adult members of the increasingly powerful Geistlord Party, and even the teachers see advantages to staying on the Geistlords’ good side.