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Comics I enjoy – Current comics!

  An epic but wonderfully character-driven, quest, with a rich setting and gorgeous art. Be warned – rather dark at points, and lots of (non-sexual) nudity.

  A red-haired girl at boarding school in a rather strange world, but otherwise bears little resemblance to Geist!  A nice mix of slice-of-very-strange-life and mystery/adventure, with tons of mythology and a fun, kitchen-sink fantasy vibe.

  The kind of sci fi I’m always looking for, with lively, likeable characters and plenty of humour, as well as the exploration of strange new worlds and some good, old-fashioned nerdliness.

  Love, conspiracy and danger in a frozen, dystopian London.  Be warned: contains adult situations – not suitable for younger or more delicate readers.

  This one is tricky to describe, part character study, part road trip, part eerie fantastical discovery. It takes its time building to the plot, but once it gets to it…wow.  Stick with it.

  In a faiytale world, an insomniac princess sets out to save the moon.  Both funny and dark, and has some seriously awesome characters.

Red Moon Rising
One mistake sends effects rippling across a whole world.  Magic, politics and intrigue, well-developed characters and lovely art with a unique feel.

The Fox Sister – This one’s brand-new (which means easy to get started on), creepy and gor-ge-ous! It’s already had a rather gruesome scene, and it’s, as I mentioned, very creepy, so I’m not sure how suitable this will be for young or sensitive readers.  Proceed with caution, but do proceed, if you can handle such things!

Max Overacts – I’m not usually a big reader of humour strips, but these adventures of an over-the-top theatrical kid just grab me the right way.  It’s Eisner-nominated, it’s a little Calvin-and-Hobbes – but very much its own strip – and it’s just plain funny.

Bird Boy  A beautiful comic set in a weird, amazing world with a mythical logic that rings completely true. This is still pretty new, so it’s a great one for if you’re intimidated by large archives (and want to read something wonderful)!

Superhero Girl – I realize half of the comics I rec here are by Faith Erin Hicks, but that’s just because she does awesome stuff!  This is a fun humour strip which captures the inherant hilarity of combining superheroes and everyday life.

Spacetrawler – This comic manages to pull off a very dark storyline while being very, very funny – a rare feat! Unlike a lot of things that are dark and funny, it doesn’t rely soley on sociopathy for humour, but has likeable, even heroic, characters and a moral centre – without ever losing the laughs, even when the plot gets intense.  Has lots of violence, a fair amount sex, and is not suitable for younger readers.

Completed Comics!

Comics by Emily Carroll – These aren’t webcomics in the sense of things with new pages that update regularly for a long period of time, but they’re definitely webcomics in the sense of being comics, on the web, and containing pure, unadulterated AWESOME!  A wide variety of comics here, but all gorgeous and atmospheric. Be warned, some are very creepy, and not all suitable for all ages.

Digger – Sorry, no banner for this one, so you’ll just have to take my word for it: the art alone is worth reading all 800+ pages – striking, almost wood cut-like black and white.  Plus, in the creator’s own words, “A wombat.  A dead god.  A very peculiar epic.” Need I say more?

Freakangels – Another one with no banner, and art so good it doesn’t need one.  In a flooded, post-apocalyptic England, the group of young psychics who made it that way try to keep a little corner of the world safe.  Warning: serious amounts of swearing, graphic sex and violence – this one’s definitely rated R.

 An oldie but goodie by the same artist as Ice (above).  Demons-and-high school fun, with real heart.  It’s fascinating to watch the artist improve into the skilled professional artist she is now.