Gee, why does everyone always blame the person with a bad reputation and suspicious scars, who just happens to be standing at the scene of the accident? Poor Kate.

A book rec this week: The Demon’s Lexicon by Sarah Rees Brennan (Young adult – probably not suitable for under 12).  Don’t be fooled by the cover, which makes this book look like the worst kind of trashy – it’s actually the best kind! 

This is what urban fantasy should be – an entertaining read full of kick-ass action; snappy dialogue; solid, well-justified, glorious angst and interesting characters with interesting relationships.  Two complex and often-troubled sibling relationships are at the forefront – it’s rare and refreshing to have a relationship other than romance dominate in this kind of fantasy aimed at young adults.  Although only one of the four main characters is female, she never feels like the token spunky girl – she’s brave, sometimes stupidly reckless, prepared to make terrible choices and live with them – every bit as interesting a character as the boys.  I also found it awesome that one of the main characters was matter-of-factly gay, and a likeable, complex and well-rounded character.  Also, it finishes up with a first-rate plot twist and plenty of action and angst.

The sequel was weaker (why is that almost always true of the middle book in a trilogy?) but this series has great characters that you really grow attached to, and I’m confident the author has some great punches up her sleeve for the next one.